Saturday, June 30, 2007


" PIAKS SSSS sssss......... I slapped his face on and on...."

His left ear and mouth was bleeding and I was crying non-stop.
Damn, damn.....Seven years of relationship gone down the drain.

I wanted to slap him more but at the count of five, my hand
was already in pain, hurting more than my aching heart.
The 'ba***rd' took the blows without flinching.

I started the car, devoid of emotion and kept on driving
in circles until I suddenly took a turn and headed homewards
to Kelantan , driving in tears......

HOW COULD HE? We were making preparations for our
marriage and I was busy making invitations cards
and handicraft handouts for the wedding. And now he
'chicken' out at the last minute. "

Rin, my ex-colleague, shared the above with me during
a lunch meet up last week. She's a pretty, petite and
lovely gal of mixed parentage. She is also fair, with
big eyes and curly hair. I like her dimples when she smile,
but that day she didn't smile at all.

I always thought that her love life will be smooth sailing wrong !!!
Her dreams were shattered by just a phone call ...........

Sometimes fate can be cruel. Love does not come easy
even if you are born with good looks.

~~ 11 twinkle stars ~~

Saturday, June 23, 2007

People are people

It's funny how people can make small things big things. It's funny how they can make not even 1/4 of the big picture seem as if it were bigger than the whole. It's funny how they take so much of their time and effort just to say bad things and mean words. It's funny how they judge others just because of one, insignificant incident. It's funny how you can never tell what their real motives are. It's funny how they don't look at their mistakes and look for mistakes in other people. It's funny how they waste the little time they have getting mad. It's funny how they laugh at people and react violently when they're being laughed at. It's funny how people can be so sensitive that they cannot see the other side of the story.

Oh well, people will always be people. If not for them, we wouldn't learn, so they definitely play a big role in our lives. Well maybe be the best way to deal with it is to be the bigger person. Making mistakes is human nature after all...


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


They say that changes is the only constant thing in the world and though this may be true, there are times when I wish it isn't so.

When I want to reach out but can't seem to bridge the gap. When I want things to be the way they were but I could not turn back time. When every part of my being wants to hold on but I'm scared that the only thing I am holding on to are memories.

Some things are changing so fast I can't help but wish that time could somehow stand still.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I should start screaming

I cry when I am pissed. It's probably the way my body releases the pent-up negative energy that I try to keep bottled up. Sometimes, I even try not to cry, although I very seldom succeed in doing that.

I am not a confrontational person. As much as I can, I try not to stir up arguments eventhough sometimes it's the right way or even the only way to go. I guess I have seen confrontations as a point of no return. Once you have said something, you cannot take it back and the scars that the argument leaves tarnishes the relationship or friendship you have.

Well, we all know that arguments are a part of any relationship. I just never got used to it. Even when I was young, I would cry and not speak up. I am very outspoken when it comes to my opinions as long as they are not directed at anyone.

An aunt is suffering from Alzheimer and I was told that the probable reason for this was that she keeps her feelings bottled inside and thought too much. So now I am wondering ... in the distant future, will I walk the same path as her?