Monday, April 24, 2006


My good friend, Christine called me on Thursday to tell me
that she is getting hitched in October and she asked me to
be her bridesmaid. Of course I agreed without hesitation.
I simply love weddings and I feel so honoured that she
wants me to share her joy on the most important day of
her life.

Come to think of it, this will be my second time as a bridesmaid.
The first was the occasion of Judy's wedding two years ago.
It was such a beautiful wedding. The mere thought of it also
evokes a lot of lovely memories. Plus the fact that I met a great
guy there. He was the best man then, a close buddy of the groom,
and is now my very dear friend.

Wow, I feel so happy for Christine. Hers is really a whirlwind courtship
because they only got acquainted last year. I know it as I was sort of
instrumental in their meeting each other.

Ahhhh..... but that's a story which will keep for another day.

* the 7th ray of the Sun *

Monday, April 17, 2006

Takes my breath away .....

A while back, I have been talking to friends about a guy I have been seeing for a few weeks now and how things were clicking for us.

He smells nice all the time, makes me swoon and want to eat him. Smell, I think, can be one of the most intense elements of a physical connection - not so just for the swooning but for the cosy, comfort and simultaneous sensuality that it evokes deep in your lusty self. For as you breathe in his smell, you breathe a special intimate part of him too. When he leaves, it is the smell that he leaves behind that will keep him to me and it is the sudden passing smells of him that create great pangs of missing in the middle of a shuffling, bustling crowd. And the smells I mean have nothing to do with the Calvin Klein or Armani variety. It is that individual smell, a personal smell that really jumps out at you.


Saturday, April 15, 2006


Just the other day, when I was taking a breather in the pantry, enjoying
a nice cuppa, a tall good-looking Caucasian guy came into the room.
He headed straight for the vending machine, got a can of Cola and then
walked out.

Now, I have been pretty stressed out the past few weeks and haven't
updated myself with the office grapevine. Eeek, what have I been missing?

My curiosity aroused, I popped over to our Miss Know-All's place in
the IT section and learnt that the new face is a management trainee
from Germany and will be based at our branch for a year.

Looks like things are perking up at the work place. Last month there was
a nice looking addition to the sales team. New staff, especially handsome
ones, sure tickles my interest.

Mmm... maybe it's time for me to brush up my rusty German.

* the 6th ray of the Sun *

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

RANTING .... (So Fed-up)

At times moods and emotions get the better of you.
I was so busy, more busy than the bees during the past week.
24 hours a day seem insufficient for me. If only I could put a
"hold" on time.

As everyone is so tied-up and working under pressure from the Boss
who had turned to be quite intolerable and unreasonable at times.
Even a simple "Good Morning, Boss" gets a blunt retort as
"What's so good about the morning ?" unexpectedly.
But, what to do, Bosses are right all the time. In rare cases, if they are not,
also does not mean you are right either. *(Samuel Hui : half kati = 8 taels song)
playing in my mind.

Life is like a yoyo. Ups and downs. Full of trials and tribulations.
Life is a stage. Sometimes people are very good actors and actresses.
Only know how to talk bad about others, but not themselves.

I got to learn and put into practice:-
Instead of crying in the rain to be the one whistling in the rain.
Instead of seeing something is wrong, must learn to think positively
and look at the brighter side to it.

Mrs. Lim suggested, "why don't we put the Boss into the blender
and blend him ?" ......wakakaka !!! .......Yes!!!

~ 6 twinkle star ~

Sunday, April 09, 2006

A kiss is just a kiss or is it?

Okay, so we went out again last night and hopefully more frequently should his or rather my schedule permits. He is REALLY busy, as he is working almost like 18 hours a day.

We rarely spoke on the phone (perhaps once in two days?) but SMS quite frequently. I don't call him as I don't want to inconvenience him while he is working.

Well, so far these past couple of dates have been very interesting...flirting alot and having lots of laughs together. Fun!

Enjoying it as it is .... (for now!).


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What to expect after the first kiss?

A new chapter has begun ..... I had loads of fun and I do like him and I don't want to mess things up. Don't want to be viewed as "easy" either .. *worried* .. cos that won't bring me far.

I was really surprised when at the end of the night outside my house, he held my hand and lightly kissed it. So much so that I didn't know how to respond. I was a little shy ... (but my heart was really racing!!!)

Help .. what status am I now??


Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Note: Above cute love letters received in an e-mail