Wednesday, July 19, 2006


A group of teenage schoolboys entered a kopitiam near
their school. The owner, a bent old man in his 70's , was
busy arguing with his wife at the back of the shop, and so
the boisterous students shouted out,

1st Boy: "Uncle, Coke!"

2nd Boy: "Uncle, Coke!"

3rd Boy: "Uncle, Coke!"

The old man ambled slowly to the table where the boys were
seated and started to grumble loudly,

"Coca-cola jao kong Coca-cola. Coke coke coke.. lei dey yim
ngor ng gao coke ah?

(Translation: Coca-cola, say Coca-cola. You think I am not
bengkok enough?)

Boy 1: Aiyo, Uncle in bad mood today. Say Coke also get
scolding from him!


Four women were having lunch in a kopitiam. When the
waiter came to take orders for drinks, one woman said she
wanted barley water. Then, just as the waiter was about to
leave the table, she spoke up again.

"Wei, ngor oi jah wor."

The man looked at her with a smile and said laughingly,

"Tai tai, kong ho ho ley. Lei yiu barley jah, hai ng hai?

The woman was so embarrassed, she only nodded her head.
All she wanted was the barley pearls.

~ the 12th Ray of the Sun ~

Thursday, July 13, 2006


For allowing myself a few moments to dream.
For having hope instead of despair.
For indulging in life's unexpected pleasures.
For allowing my feelings to overrule my logic.
For enjoying the moment instead of questioning it.
For riding the roller coaster without expecting to fall.
For floating in the realms of my imagination.
For believing the unbelievable.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Wow! I have been absent for more than a month from
blogging and before I knew it, the second half of the
year of 2006 has gone by.

Today, in the office the World Cup fever is catching up
with everyone. A betting list is being circulated to
indicate who will emerge as winner in tonite's match

I do not have the slightest interest nor understand why
generally men love this kind of sport ...just kicking ball..
anyway, I did not want to spoil the majority moods and
their "high", so I take on FRANCE.

Why? ...... just a simple sentimental reason cos' I once
received a birthday gift which had this engraving :

FRANCE = Friendship Remains and Never Can End

Just gonna keep my fingers crossed that I get to
win the FREE PIZZA treat.

~ 10 twinkle star ~