Tuesday, July 28, 2009


OMG !!... today I had a real life experience of having my
handbag snatched.

After dropping my mum off to the nearby coffee shop at
OUG , PJ to have her pork soup noddles, which is a "must have"
once in a blue moon, I drove off to the side lane and park my

While walking to the shop to meet her , just about 12 residents' houses
away from the shop, suddenly a motorbike stopped in front of me,
and a guy got off and suddenly lurched at me.

I was pushed on the ground and he was going after my handbag.
I pulled back my handbag hard and put up a struggle with him ,
he was standing, and I was so desperate and helpless on the ground.

Some passerby were there, but no one came to my rescue.

When I was lying on the road, I saw a blue Nissan car from the
opposite direction. Luckily, this kind samaritan aunty gave a
loud horn. This sort of of distract the snatch thief attention and
also getting the nearby household unlocking their door and see what was

He walked away , toward his motorbike, empty handed.
Just, when I thought he was going to speed off with his partner,
he tried to made another attempt and coming toward me again.

I was so shocked and was still struggling for my composure,
luckily the kind samaritan, did not go off yet , she gave another
louder horn this time and I heard someone shouted
"SNATCH THIEF !! ... SNATCH THIEF !!!!!!!!! "
and the aunty keep on horning her car.

Halfway, the snatcher turned away from my direction and jumped
on to the waiting bike and speed off instead.

God Bless the aunty in the blue Nissan car. She was my good samaritan.
Without her horning and getting people attention, surely the
snatch thief would have already got my handbag.

Thank God, he did not have any weapon, and I was not badly injured.

I was in a kind of shock until now, and this was such a bad experience
for me.


twinkle star - 02/09



Blogger Kenny Ng said...

Glad that u r ok... snatch thief is getting serious now days, be more careful all the time.

August 24, 2009 12:56 am


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