Saturday, May 31, 2008

Forgiven, Not Forgotten

To forgive is to forget.
Is it really?

I have been pondering about this line of thought for the past few days now and I have come to a, well, sort of conclusion that it does not have to traverse a 2-way street just as what others have been persisting. I would say that it is entirely possible to forgive someone for their trespasses against us without actually forgiving them. Afterall, forgiveness is a decision of the will; a renouncing of our anger and resentment.

While forgetting, can we really forget people, things, events or situations? Am not sure but from what I can recall of some medical readings, our minds do not forget. We just think that we have forgotten but the truth s, the information is still there inside our minds. But for some reasons, we just cannot access it. Maybe it is due to the distractions going on around us but the bottom line is, we cannot force the mind to forget. We can, perhaps, suppress the memories we do not want to remember its associated feelings with. And it is just that ... suppressing ... simply pushing the memory out of reach, but not totally constraining it. Unless of course you contracted some form of amnesia and your memories start to fail you. But other than that, we cannot will our minds to forget. We can only will ourselves to forgive.



Blogger frostier said...

i can forgive. but to forget is another story.

coz its not easy to forget when it already stored in ur memories...

yes, the bitter and the hurt but however, it will heals overtime but yet the incident wont just go away.


June 02, 2008 12:59 pm

Blogger dreamie said...

yeah ... agreed, Moon.
cannot forgive and cannot forget
veli der 'san fu', just have to forgive to move on...

June 03, 2008 10:33 am


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