Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Necessary Losses

In life, we get to experience losses in order to grow. We have to lose baby teeth to gain a much stronger enamel, we have to lose our dependence with our parents to be able to grow into more mature individuals and of course sometimes we have to bid farewell to people, to friendships because our purpose for being together was already fulfilled.

People grow, sometimes in different directions. You could both love chocolate cake right now but then, another may suddenly develop a liking to cheese cake even if the chocolate cake tastes so good and the time the both of you spent together were great, you have to move on to satisfy the hunger for something else. This might be a childish comparison for what people go through when friendships simply die out because of change in taste.

But then, there are new friendships that grow ... new friends that will take you into another road. It's not that new friends are better than old ones but we need other experiences, new insights that these new individuals will offer. New friends who can teach us new things that will help us to grow. There's always a reason why our karmic paths meet.

It's not that we discharge old friends, but more of we choose the friends we get to keep for life .. who will accept all the changes, who will accept you for who you are and be more forgiving when we fail to live up to their expectations. If you find these individuals, do not ever let go for they are very difficult to find. Do not let petty moments destroy the years that you have built together. Do not let pride get in the way.

"True friendship come when silence between two people become comfortable.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

If only ... but then ...

Scenario is like this: When you don't know what you're doing and you get into very difficult situations. See my position? Aarghhhhhh!! I just got into a "sticky" situation and I'm trying to cover up my incompetence.

Now, don't you sometimes wish you can go back in time and correct a few things that had happened in your life?

Or maybe wish that some events didn't happen at all?

But then again, such experiences make you grow wiser and stronger emotionally and spiritually.

And wishing them away would just leave you with a dull and boring life to live with.

A life less ordinary is much preferable.