Tuesday, March 18, 2008

To you, my heart ...

I am back in this dizzying, life-altering (well, maybe not so much), insanity-inducing, heart-fluttering state called being in love. And I am loving every minute of it.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Tired ...

I'm so tired .....

I have been staring at my screen for close to 2 hours now ... doing nothing whatsoever ... except clicking each window alternately ... trying to appear like i'm working ... checking my to do list for things i can do ...

There are some things i need to do .. but i can't cos i'm waiting for some things not in my control before i can do them.

There is one thing i can do ... without need for external input but i don't want to do that because i don't need to do it yet.

So here i am in this shared blog with my three good friends who are temporarily still on hiatus since (?) ... passing time till it's time to go home ... wasting the time of whoever is reading this entry but then again, if that person is reading this blog, then he or she has time to spare as well or doesn't want to work yet too.

I wanna go home.

There's someone screaming for lunch now ... i'll go eat now eventhough i've just eaten 2 doughnuts an hour ago....


Friday, March 07, 2008

Would you rather ...

be the prettiest ugly person, or the ugliest pretty person?

your boyfriend leave you for a guy, or for a girl?

be with someone you love, or someone who loves you?

your boyfriend leave you for somebody prettier, or somebody uglier?

be pretty, or be smart?

have loved and lost, or have not loved at all?

be moderately happy all the time, or extremely happy for a small period of time and extremely sad for the rest?