Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Whitening Lotions

In this part of the world, Asian girls have a funny sort of fascination with being white, and "white" does not mean "fair"; it means "white" like a washed out sheet of photocopy paper. Every single cosmetic company out there in the market promises whitening effects with advertisements of dark skinned girls abound which promise a bleached face-like death.

So sad, they fail to understand that being "white" suits white people because the pinkish tones in their skins lends better to a healthier overall look. Asians, especially the Chinese have much yellower tones in their skin and more often than not, being too "white" only results in looking either quite green or sick. Ofthen, they are also terrified of the sun and go to great lengths to avoid getting a tan (they call it "getting dark'). They drive with long-sleeved shirts and gloves, use umbrellas when walking outdoors and splatter on whitening lotions while indoors. This obviously leaves them with a distinct deficiency in both sunshine and Vitamin D making them look even more ill than they already do.

Some spend loads of money on these whitening lotions not realising a chemically-induced "whiteness" bleaches out any sense of colour in their skins when they can get a glowing effect from free sunshine. Anyway, we could always do with more pale looking people in the world ... it makes the rest of us tanned and slightly tanned beauties all the more stunning **wink** **wink**


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Guys the same size as you

I think it is extreme luck to have a boyfriend just the same height and size as you. It make things splendidly convenient; like not having to change the position of the car seat when you drive or having to crane your necks up or down in painful contortions to kiss your beloved because his face is always right there next to yours. When you hug a guy of the same height and size, your bodies fit together like one. His arms, your arms wrap round just where you want them and holding hands are always perfectly easy for your hands are always exactly the same level when you are standing or walking alongside each other. The only downside is the wearing of high heels which will demote the poor guy to shortness.

But anyway ... the physical sameness of being the same size temporarily puts you into believing you are even more perfectly matched than just emotionally and mentally. And whenever you cuddle comfortably into his arms for a hug, don't you wonder about those above 6footers who dates 5footer girls? It gets terribly tiresome .. the stooping and tiptoeing and odd angling of body parts, right?


Sunday, October 15, 2006


Monday evening about 10 pm, got a call from my friend, Tony.

Tony : Sun, what are you doing? We are feeling bored la.
Want to go Genting or not?

Me : Sorry, I am busy la. Anyway, who's going?

Tony : Andy, Sue and Jessica and myself. What u so busy about

Me : I'm reading an interesting book la. You know I don't like
going to the casino.

Tony : What la you. We are going to the casino and you tell me
you're reading a book. Lucky you dun wanna come along!

(In Cantonese, a book is called 'shuee" which sounds the same as
"losing money')


Four friends at Genting casino .... 1.30 am Tuesday

Jess is the lucky one that night. Barely one hour after playing the
'tiger machines' she won about a thousand ringgit.

Andy and Sue didn't gamble much. Both of them were busy
'gup ha, gup ha' from table to table, observing the players and
the croupiers.

Tony got darn bad luck. Lost a few hundred ringgit and has
only one twenty five ringgit chip left. Stood near a tai/sai
(big/small) table, looking left and right, searching for good luck.
Suddenly spied lucky Jess emerging from the washroom.

Tony : Jess, you did a small job or big job leh?

Jess : Small one, why?

Tony : Nothing. Just asking.

And he hurried away and placed his last hope on 'sai.' (small)

Believe it or not, Tony won that round. And his luck turned
too, coz after that he recouped what he had lost earlier.


Tony said I gave him the bad luck when I mentioned 'shuee'
but Jess was his 'lucky star' that night. Luckily this was said
in jest otherwise I will sure scold him cukup cukup!!

Anyway, I dun care who got bad luck or good luck la, becoz
I dun like gambling at all.

One nice thing though. Last night, Jess treated all of us to a
lovely yummy seafood dinner. Crabs, tiger prawns, anyone???

~ the 21st Ray of the Sun ~

Monday, October 09, 2006

Boxers and Briefs

Over yesterday's breakfast dim sum of char siew paus, tau sar paus and loh mai kais with Missy Sun and Star, we had a most interesting discussion over an article on Boxers and Briefs that appeared in the papers recently. Miss Star suggested a trip to either the beach or swimming pools to explore on this subject but the idea of guys of various body shapes and sizes parading in front of us and we comparing them in different undergarments is but a mere fantasy, so alternative methods had to be sought.

Right after downing cups of hot chinese tea, we set off on a mission ..... to the men's underwear section of a department store to explore the various types of briefs, boxers, g-strings, trunks and more. Looking at boxers hanging on display was not inspiring so we resorted to ogling at the boxes that these various garments came in .... muscled hunks on the covers of Calvin Klein and Valentino flashed before our innocent *ahem* eyes and not-so-innocent minds.

Looking. And touching. Ermmmm the sensual touch of cotton or silk.

What are boxers and briefs?

Boxers are loose shorts with a thick all round waistband and usually with a button fly whereas briefs, though not restricted to white, are a snug fit and boxer briefs also known as trunks comes with a tapered cut with a snug fit.

So you prefer boxers to briefs?


Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Today, there was a hot topic of discussion in the pantry.
Sam, the hunk in the IT department says he is very bored
and jokingly says he is thinking of joining an old profession
......be a 'duck'!!!

His opinion .....

1) Can earn more money - the demand greater than supply

2) Can 'kau' rich lengluis and leng 'tai-tais'

the girls' opinion...

1) 5 years down the road will turn into a dried-up old man and
die faster coz sure over-worked wan

2) most probably be a rich old woman's 'kept man' and live in
a prison with no freedom

Hahaaa.... one funny thing leh. One married lady says she wants
to be his first customer!!

Anyway, I think Sam is only pulling our legs. But what if it's true?
No eye see then.

Ermm... uhhmm.... are there any 'duck' clubs or agencies around?

~ the 20th Ray of the Sun ~