Thursday, October 19, 2006

Guys the same size as you

I think it is extreme luck to have a boyfriend just the same height and size as you. It make things splendidly convenient; like not having to change the position of the car seat when you drive or having to crane your necks up or down in painful contortions to kiss your beloved because his face is always right there next to yours. When you hug a guy of the same height and size, your bodies fit together like one. His arms, your arms wrap round just where you want them and holding hands are always perfectly easy for your hands are always exactly the same level when you are standing or walking alongside each other. The only downside is the wearing of high heels which will demote the poor guy to shortness.

But anyway ... the physical sameness of being the same size temporarily puts you into believing you are even more perfectly matched than just emotionally and mentally. And whenever you cuddle comfortably into his arms for a hug, don't you wonder about those above 6footers who dates 5footer girls? It gets terribly tiresome .. the stooping and tiptoeing and odd angling of body parts, right?



Blogger Kenny Ng said...

errr... most of the gals taller than me wor... how?

October 19, 2006 3:21 pm

Blogger Cocka Doodle said...

Some girls like taller guys leh. They feel a sense of security when they go out with a much taller and bigger person.

Doesn't matter who is taller lah...
When in bed yamade that time both also horizontal wat! LOL

October 19, 2006 6:24 pm

Blogger Candid said...

Moon, who is your latest attraction this time?

October 21, 2006 12:50 am

Blogger sun,moon&star said...

Kenny: Being short has its advantage ... you can rest your head on her chest and feel so much closer to her.

Cocka: Yup, horizontal expression is all that counts.

Candid: I'm not telling but he is one helluva exciting ... LOL

October 27, 2006 1:55 pm


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