Thursday, December 28, 2006

Year End

we are all rowing the boat of fate
the waves keep on coming and we can't escape
but if we ever get lost on our way
the waves would guide us through another day
if i ever need someone to come along
i know you would follow me and keep me strong
for those who cared ...
thank you.
So fast, the year 2006 is coming to an end.
I remember January was just here awhile ago and then February and the other months. Isn't this always the case? We always look back and wonder why time flies. If we can't get the answer, so we keep repeating the question. Sighhhhh
Alot had happened.
The sad unhappy tearful frown upset don't-want-to-live ones.
The happy cheerful laughter mood-lift smile life-is-beautiful ones.
And there were also the fair and unfair ones.
I don't have time to recap the events one by one so I will leave it for another day.
Happy New Year everyone and may the new year brings lots of happiness, joy, good health, less disasters and world peace ....

Friday, December 22, 2006

The coolest .....

Christmas is just round the corner and e-cards and real cards, have been popping through my letter box the last couple of weeks. I received this card yesterday that is so cool I have told everyone I spoke to today about it but you see the problem is that despite my totally graphic description, they just can't appreciate the awesomness of it unless they see it for themselves. Thus I proudly present to you ..... Banana Dog!

Now, don't you think its awesome too! It's like a banana but its a dog too.

So cool!


Sunday, December 17, 2006


Kim, my newly married girlfriend , told me something the other day.

"Sun, I think I don't have to worry any more in the future. My
married name already tell you why."


"My hubby's surname is NG and mine is YEOW. So now
I just shake legs lor.... NG-YEOW !!
(Cantonese : NG-YEOW means No Worries)

Oh my goodness, if that's the case, then how about the pairing of
other surnames? Hahahaa.... suddenly many of my colleagues'
names come to my mind....

some examples in Cantonese......

LAI + LEE = LAI-LEE (blame you)

LAI + SEE = LAI-SEE (shit in the pants)

SOH + HAI = SOH-HAI (stupid fella)

THAM + CHENG = THAM-CHENG (talk about love)

HO + FAN = HO-FAN (very bothersome)

HO + LEONG = HO-LEONG (very cooling)

Now my friends are starting to take note of their own surnames and
that of their partners. And I am also getting some ribbing too coz my
present situation is really funny.... but I will only reveal when it's my
turn to tie the knot!!!

~ the 23rd Ray of the Sun ~

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Last weekend, we three gals went all a-ga-ga shopping for
Christmas presents and gear for the coming festive celebrations.

Other than clothes, each of us have an obsession when we go
on our shopping splashes....

Me...... I love lingerie ...especially soft, silky, delicate items
(they just turn me on....)

Moon...... she adores handbags.... there's a bag for every occassion...
(she's the smart dresser)

Star.... I dunno why, she's tall, yet she fancies all the high slinky
footwear... and short skirts , the shorter the better...
(to show off her long sexy legs, I suppose)

Aiyooo...even when we go shopping, our individualities still prevail.
But that's what makes our friendship so unique, right??

~ the 22nd ray of the Sun ~

Friday, December 08, 2006


I am feeling moody today.

There are moments in time when the mood is so low, the words are trapped behind a barrier and the emotions are restrained, waiting to erupt.

It is best not to say anything at all.


Monday, December 04, 2006


You know, at this moment I don't have a single mind fluffy thing to say here but ......

if inspiration comes from surroundings, then I will change the scenery ...
if inspiration comes from within, then I will search a little deeper ...
if inspiration comes from warmth, then I shall sink into a hot shower ...
if inspiration comes from loneliness, then I shall watch a flickering candle light in the dark ...
if inspiration comes from dreams, then I shall close my eyes more often ...
if inspiration comes from emotions, then I must be need of a hug ...
if inspiration comes from a special person, then I am in deep trouble ...


Friday, December 01, 2006

Note to my boss

Pleeease let me go home. I'm soooooo tired :(