Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Eye of the Beholder

Attraction is a personal thing, a private thing, between two people. Just like "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder", attraction is a chemical, physical and emotional thing. Attraction happens when you first "notice" a member of the opposite sex. This can happen on first meeting or contact or after knowing some one for 10 years. It is a mental and chemical magic rolled up in a barrel of excitement.

I find a man sexy and attractive who is confident and intelligent. I like gentlemen with wicked wits who can show me just a peek of naughtiness. An attractive man to me is one who can discuss current events and give opinion that does not include what someone else had said, a man who can think for himself cos the number one sexual organ is, afterall, the brain.


Friday, June 23, 2006

THE 5 B's

Have you have heard of the latest from Ah Lian and Ah Huey?
They were heard having a talk in a kopitiam lately.

Ah Lian : I tell you ah, that fat Ah Beng you got is not good enuf lah.
Ah Huey: Why no good? He is very good to me wor.
Ah Lian : Aiyo, you dunno how to choose ah? He only got 5 C's lah.
Ah Huey: 5 C's no good meh? Got cash, car, credit card, career and
condominium. Very comfortable oledi. I happy liao.
Ah Lian : Aiyo, you so stupid lah. 5 C's where got enuf? Now standard go
up lah. People say it is 5 B's now.
Ah Huey: Eh? How come I dunno wan? What 5 B's?
Ah Lian : My friend tell me wan. Come, I tell you........*whisper*

the 5 B's ...... Big bank account, Businessman, BMW, Bungalow, nice BODY!

He hee ...... wonder how many Ah Bengs can fit this category!!!

Lovely weekend everyone!

~ the 11th Ray of the Sun ~

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Yesterday, I saw a friend holding
her handphone in the palm of her
hand. She was reading an sms and
laughing away at the same time.
When I asked her what was so
amusing, she told me these two jokes...

Who Buy?

Mr. Chee received a letter of promotion and he felt so happy
that he went to the bakery and bought a cake. He cut it and
placed a slice of the cake on the desks of some of his
close colleagues.

Peter came into the room, saw the piece of cake on his desk
and asked his neighbour Maureen,

"Maureen, this cake on my desk, who buy?"

and without blinking an eye, Maureen answered,

"Chee buy!"


Bye Bye

Xiao Ji (little chick) lives with her mum Lao Ji (old hen).
One day, Xiao Ji wanted to go out and as she was leaving,
she said six words to her mum which made Lao Ji very
angry and she slapped Xiao Ji.

Can you guess the six words which Xiao Ji said?

Come on, it's very easy...........

Got it or not? ............ hehehehe

Answer: "Lao Ji, Bye! Lao Ji, Bye!"


Quoting the words in the above picture:

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter"

Have a nice day everyone!

~ the 10th Ray of the Sun ~

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Come On Baby Light My Fire ....

Relationships aren't easy, by any stretch of the imagination. Even the best ones require effort and attention. Sometimes, whether by neglect or circumstances, things get stale, dull and you need to kick-start your relationship, add some spark. There are many things one can do to try to add some sizzle to that flame, from "date nights" to surprise seductions.

Just the other night, AL came over unexpectedly, much to my delight 'cos he was attending a out-of-town seminar earlier in the day. When he and I saw each other, our eyes locked for a moment, and he flashed me that devilish grin of his, the one that always makes me blush like a little girl. It was instant "whoosh". It took all of 5 seconds, and it happens all the time. That grin conveyed a message to me ... it tells me that he desires me, that he loves me, that he wants me to know. It's in his attitude.

He doesn't need to take me on a date night for us to connect, although date nights can be alot of fun. But date nights once or twice a week can't give you the kind of spark that comes from everyday efforts at showing your love, appreciation and desire. I like a roaring bonfire but I prefer a steady flame.