Friday, October 26, 2007


Stalker mode on ... i am stalking him. Hahahaa! It's all about the interest. It makes all the difference but the weird thing is, it's done in a romantic way.

I am treading on dangerous waters. My feet are in and I can't seem to get out. The problem is that when the tide comes in, I might end up drowning. Although I know this might happen, I am still getting my feet wet. How stupid can I be?


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

YOU ARE WORTH .........

A note from a friend that gave me inspiration
but then , I also ponder ........

Do not undermine your worth
by comparing yourself with others
It is because we are different
that each of us is special
(... comparing also deem as challenges no ??? )

Do not set your goals
by what others people deem important
Only you know what is best for you
(... parents' expectations how ? )

Do not take for granted
the things closest to your heart
Cling to them as you would your life
for without them, Life is meaningless
(.. ya family ties, relationship always take for granted wor ! )

Do not give up
when you still have something to give
nothing is really over
until the moment you stop trying
(... climb every mountain ? )

Do not be afraid to encounter risks
It is by taking chances
that we learn how to be brave
(.. sharemarket included ??)

The quickest way to receive love
is to give love
The fastest way to lose love
is to hold it too tightly
(.. too possessive a NO NO !!! )

Do not run through life
so fast that you forget
not only where you have been
but also where you are going
(.. many times lost of direction jor !! )

Life is not a race
but a journey
to be savored each step of the way
( .. this one a good self-reminder ! )

~~ 13 twinkle stars ~~