Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fitting the bill

Has been quite a long while since I last wrote here. Heheheee like Missy Sun says I am "so in love" I have been a little bit out of connection with some friends (this I have to make up one of these days) but then again things have not been that rosy as it seems. Missy Sun did an excellent write-up on her ideal man and here is mine ...

I want someone to love
Someone I can talk to and can listen
Someone who understands why I do the things I do
And say the things I say
And write the stuff I write
Someone intelligent, smart, sincere
Someone funny
A joker
Someone sensitive, caring and passionate.
Someone confident
A little bit crazy, sexy and handsome

Hmmm ..... will be tough to find a guy like this?


Tuesday, September 19, 2006


It's lunch hour, I am eating my sandwich and staring at
my pc screen. Then I heard my colleague Anna, singing this
kiddies' nursery rhyme....

Satu, satu, sayanglah ibu
Dua, dua, sayang bapak juga
Tiga, tiga, sayang adik-beradik
Satu, dua, tiga, sayang lah semua

And next, came a deep male voice, it was
Alex, our Marketing Executive who just walked in.
He added some sparks to the song that had us all laughing.

Satu, satu, emak buka baju
Dua, dua, bapak tutup pintu
Tiga, tiga, dua jadi satu
Satu, dua, tiga, dapat adik baru!!

- the 19th Ray of the Sun -

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


It takes all kinds of people to make the world, and every girl has
her own idea of what kinda guy she wants.

Wanna know my idea of an ideal guy? ........

  • must be UNMARRIED (very important)
  • prefer that he ask me for a date first
  • shouldn't keep me waiting by the phone
  • not be an alcoholic - a social drinker is fine
  • shouldn't be addicted to gambling
  • is not afraid to talk about the future
  • makes me feel sexually desirable
  • should be kind, loving and patient
  • trust me wholly
  • love me lots and lots (most important)

Waahahaaa.... so many reasons. If I add any more, sure all the guys will run far, far away from me. But love has no reasons..... when it happens, it happens.

~ the 18th Ray of the Sun ~

Thursday, September 07, 2006


This evening after gym, went out with some friends to
"Victoria Station" for dinner and later we adjourned to
"Shall we Meet" for yum cha and to update each other
on our ongoings.

Since all of us are still single , independent, having good careers,
this topic came up for hot discussion.

What do we career girls secretly desire? Underneath that tough
exterior we present to the world, besides brains and beauty,
material possessions and money, what do we really want?

haha... unanimous answer given is we yearn for a good reliable
stable man, a home sweet home and a happy family of our own.

Paiseh to admit, but it's true.

Yoohoo guys! Does this statement make you all happy?

~ the 17th Ray of the Sun ~