Monday, March 15, 2010


This blog is fully covered with cobwebs that I also have to find my way
to come here.

Duno where the long distance Sun is in which part of the world now, and
the Moon also buzy moonlightling on which island.

Cari makan is difficult nowadays. Company cost cutting measures
having people to take up more than they can chew.

Today, I was asked to help in the invoicing some orders
and my maiden invoice happens to be 241434
what kind of number is this ??

I remember my boss said invoice is $$$ coming in
but looking at the above invoice number is so ironical

Me like the canto saying "chicken hands, duck legs" and
blur like sotong, but James my Senior, happened to
pop in and assist.

Why such number get such exception huge order
today ar ???

Then, just before going off, James disclosed that
his date of birth is 040464 , so that makes it 281898 !!

ah hah , AH Hah... so SO what ?
am I lucky he is here, when i need SOS
or the Co. that got so many exceptional orders today ?

~ twinkle star ~


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