Saturday, June 23, 2007

People are people

It's funny how people can make small things big things. It's funny how they can make not even 1/4 of the big picture seem as if it were bigger than the whole. It's funny how they take so much of their time and effort just to say bad things and mean words. It's funny how they judge others just because of one, insignificant incident. It's funny how you can never tell what their real motives are. It's funny how they don't look at their mistakes and look for mistakes in other people. It's funny how they waste the little time they have getting mad. It's funny how they laugh at people and react violently when they're being laughed at. It's funny how people can be so sensitive that they cannot see the other side of the story.

Oh well, people will always be people. If not for them, we wouldn't learn, so they definitely play a big role in our lives. Well maybe be the best way to deal with it is to be the bigger person. Making mistakes is human nature after all...



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