Thursday, August 10, 2006


Kroom.... krooom.... kroooomm..... there goes the sound of my
vacuum cleaner.... cleaning all the dust and cobwebs from this

Yuuupppp...... it's been such a long time since we girls have
logged on here.

I have been busy chasing after my career, making some progress.
Climbing up the corporate ladder is not an easy task - takes a big
toll on my time and correlating between work and social life
is sure taxing. But my work gives me real satisfaction, and now
that it is paying dividends, I am not complaining.......No Sirreee!

Moon is sooooo in love and busy paktor-ing, she hardly has time
for Star and me. The past three weeks, we've only seen her twice -
that's how much she misses us. Haiiihhh.... guess boyfriend is more
important than girlfriends at the moment.........(Sad!)

As for Star, she's on leave and happily gallivanting here and there.
One week in Shanghai, another week in Hong Kong..... how nice!
Wish I can take the time off to go shopping too........ (big sigh!)

Looks like we are busier then the bees !!!

~ the 13th ray of the Sun ~


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