Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Strangeness of Love

I believe love is the strangest thing
touching your heart to make it sing;

It's hard to believe the joy it brings
till you walk on air, so it seems.

Love is enough to make you feel kind
then at times it tweaks your mind;

Sometimes it feels so well designed
but rarely can a person define.

There are days when love lifts you so high
other days you'd just rather die;

It sometimes makes you wonder why
but you don't quit and say, "good-bye."

Then just as fast it can make you see
you'd be a fool to think you'd leave;

Love is a gilded gift that we weave
then give our all the same to receive.

So, how can something feel so right
and fill your heart with such delight

Then show you all the doubts in sight
that won't give up without a fight.

Love is the strangest state you will see
but there's no place I would rather be!

..... Moon/06


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